1 thought on “Zeitgeist Altruism in Wake of The Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami.

  • In essence the ideas on the Zeitgeist movement are not bad, the bad thing is the missinterpretation of them and the fact that they, like the Christians, try everyone to join their club; as for their questions at the begining i only agree (totally) with “there is no room for charity in a ‘free market’ system”, but i think: with me they’re right…i sincerely don’t care for anyone else than me and my family/friends; why should i try to save or preserve a world for future generations if the only reality i know is now?, and why trying to fix the world if it’s full of religious and political stubborn people that only want to hear the confirmation of what they think the world should be, and not seeing the reality (…or at least try to understand it not as some movement or religion or political notions tell them), sorry if i’m being stubborn too, but the more i understand “MY” reality the less i care for humanity. This is just a Game, and i’m trying to enjoy it the more i can. Regards PS: Sorry for my bad English :).

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