I got a bite.

UPDATE: Noticing the lack of Zeitgeist during the last “ZDay” events I’ve decided to end the conversations with TZM. It’s a dead movement, they’ve had their 15 minutes and it’s slipped into the dustbin of history as just a minor blip in history. Phase 1 was a failure and it’s time to move on to bust up other myths and collective delusions. My videos will stay up with comments disabled as my ode to their long standing history censorship. So long and thanks for all the death threats. 

Sort of. Socialists and communists for decades have attempted to confront Mises on his Economic Calculation Problem but miss the point of what Mises argument is. Otto Neurath, an Austrian-born (not Austrian school, thought I should clarify, the “article” they created gives the impression to someone Otto was a free-marketeer who disagreed with Mises) socialist economist who attempted to debate Mises is what they went with for a rebuttal. Otto concludes that a new system of calculation can develop in in place of missing prices. Zeitards contend that their super computer will somehow work itself out, once we find the right algorithm.

To this day, Austrian economists still contend Mises has not been addressed, even with citing Otto’s attempt. Why? The calculation problem isn’t about how complex the problem of distributing resources without a price system, it’s about marginal utility.

Jacob Spinney has already addressed this in one of his videos, so I’ll save myself typing.

For a more in-depth explanation which includes addressing Otto Neurath’s argument, I provided you with a lecture by Joseph T. Salerno who wrote the post-script to Mises’ article.