V-Radio, Economic Calculation, and Rage; Videos

For those who are interested, I am providing you with some more information about the topics I discuss.

Overview of the system I advocate:

Breif explanation of why Austrians are labeled ‘cranks’:

More in-depth talk on Economic Calculation

Austirans on Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

Jacob Spinney responds to TVPchallenge:


2 thoughts on “V-Radio, Economic Calculation, and Rage; Videos

  • “Okay, well thank you for taking the time to respond. =) It seems that we actually agree on quite a lot of things, but I think I’ve boiled our disagreements and/or misunderstandings down to only 2 major points, which I may just put into a blog for now. 1) Fiat currency vs. market system itself, and 2) Scientific efficiency vs. economic efficiency.” -TVPChallenge

    In layman’s terms; she conceded the debate, but still disagrees the free-market is the only way and we’ll figure a way out.

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