Why I’m voting for Obama and Disavowing Libertarianism.

So on this message board I frequent I’ve noticed there was a lot of Obama supporters. Now, of course as a libertarian, I find it absolutely unavoidable that I should constantly proselytizing to them about liberty and freedom blah blah blah. I must of made 30 posts explaining to them why they are retarded for liking Barack Obama. However, yesterday a thread on there convinced me otherwise. So I’m going to explain why I am voting for Barack Obama in 2012 and disavowing any hope for candidates like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

I didn’t know this but Somalia was an anarcho-captialist country for a whole decade! Let’s ignore the fact they never set out to create that kind of utopian idea and they just had to deal with a collapsed communist state. We don’t care about that, because after all, there’s only one group proposing a stateless social structure; libertarians.

Somalia has had chaos, and warlord conflicts, and pirates. Clearly this is a bad idea and should never be attempted again. I mean sure, the previous regime accounted for even more violence, but still, this is what you want to happen here? Sure life expectancy, immunizations,access to sanitation, number hospitals were up and infant birth weights and infant mortality went down. But still, shit had pirates instead of navies.

Another thing that was pointed out was that in every instance that laissez-faire has been tried it ends up being ruled by an iron fist. I mean I can’t find any examples of it, but stop being a libertard for a moment and hear me out. You guys go and on about how all exchanges are voluntary but what you’re really saying is that exchanged happen via free will and therefore wrong if you put it in those words and I don’t know how many times it needs to be explained to us why, so I won’t even bother hinting what I’m talking about. And don’t move the goalpost and say this isn’t real capitalism, because you’re all really for regulation, taxation, subsidies, and unit banking laws but just don’t wish to admit it. Also, like communism, you require the world to conform to your small government rules for it to work. Granted none of you ever even hint at such a thing, it’s true.

See here’s the deal. Let’s say you were a government, and some lunatic Austrian Economist tells you if you want to let your country thrive you need to cut spending and regulations, then you have one of these awesomely insightful Keynesian who says “No! You need regulations! Not just regulations, but you need to set a ‘central bank’ which allows you to print some money off and fund whatever projects you want to get in to!” Of course if a government really wanted their country to do well, they would listen to the guy demanding they give up controls. Clearly popular means right, so I guess i’ll also be at Sunday mass next week.

I mean voluntarism? Really? How did I expect to think that trades aren’t voluntary? OK, lets say for example that you want food and water, you have to WORK for it! Ah ha! How do you explain that? Ohh and don’t give me any lip about it’s voluntary to live, ok? Please kill yourself if that is your answer. Also, please don’t give me that shit about you can work for someone else, because that’s all you’v got. Clearly no one can start a business or work independently. This is just you being mad at traffic lights. Because order isn’t possible without government. On another note, I’m still trying to find the name of the bureaucracy that organizes open source.

I means seriously if Austrian economics did work, there would be schools teaching it. Well, more schools. Because they don’t use mathematical formulas to comes up with theories nor do they rely of econometrics. That’s pretty much saying you don’t use any proofs whatsoever. Clearly, I’ve looked into this.

But let’s put all this aside, and talk about Obama!

Obama gets a bad rap from these libertarian nut bars. I mean sure he talked about not just jumping into a war. Sure he said he would cut spending. Sure he said he would close Gitmo. Sure he said he wasn’t going to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries. Sure he said he won’t bow to special interests after giving banks a bail out. Sure he said he will dissolve the Milliary Commissions Act. Sure he gave us unfunded obligations that that exceed the world’s total GDP combined and doubled.

Sure, but libertarians are immature cranks. 


4 thoughts on “Why I’m voting for Obama and Disavowing Libertarianism.

  • Well I’m a utilitarian. My question always is, “yes, but does it work?”. Socialism, Capitalism, all them -isms, do they work?
    None of them work. They are ideal systems, and the real world is a compromise between them which shifts back and forth because us chattering monkeys will never ever agree on what perfection is. So you vote for the least bad option, but you only pick up your gun and shoot people who try to take away the right to vote.

  • Voting? You mean that Democracy thingy where the majority gets to impose its will on the minority? I guess that’s real cool if you’re in the majority. How many votes can we get to raise hartley’s taxes? :-p

    I haven’t read it yet but you can find the pdf on the net:
    Introduction to Democracy, The God That Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

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