Why I Never Became a 9/11 Truther.

In the late summer of 2001 A friend of mine got a hold of a copy of Milton William “Bill” Cooper’s infamous novel ‘Behold a Pale Horse.’ After he completed this book he gave it back to the owner and explained the book to me and told me to read it. He was rather convincing. Now I was only 18 at the time so I was very naive, especially if my friends liked something. Peer pressure on a very minor scale, I guess.  I didn’t know anyone with a copy so I went out and purchased a copy at a local Barnes and Noble Store, and read it. I was convinced there was a global cabal of wealthy elites known as the Illumanati, JFK was assassinated by the limo driver with a gas powered pistol, and that the US Federal Government had flying saucer technology that they stole from the Nazis after World War 2 and were going to use it to stage a fake alien invasion to unite the world under a one government and one religion New World Order. And boy was that Kool-Aid* tasty at the time!

While I was tipped by one of my friends, I did a lot of the heavy lifting when it came to convincing everyone else we knew. I used to go to parties and have people pull out a dollar bill so I could show them the secret symbols that enslaved us on every dollar. I used to interrogate my father who worked in Military Intelligence for verification of MAJESTYTWELVE (to which he denied on all counts.) Needless to say I was quite the annoying twat, but a very convincing one. In the end I converted most of my friends out of reality and into the world of paranoid fantasy. I was very good at it.

On the morning of 9/11/2001 I was awakened early by my Dad. I was wondering why considering classes that day didn’t start until late in the afternoon but he was quick to tell me why “You need to see this. We’re under attack. Terrorists have just crashed planes into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon.” I hopped out of bed and ran to the TV and saw what millions of Americans and billions of others around the world saw. Believe it or not, as much of a conspiracy nutter I was at the time, the thought of this being a conspiracy never crossed my mind. Even on Cooper’s website did he even allude to it for the first month or so. In fact he was very jingoistic about the whole situation. Posting messages about how upset he was at al-Queda for doing this to America and how we should bomb the shit out of Afghanistan. I slowly drifted into a ‘Let it happen on purpose” 9/11 conspiracy theroist but I simply couldn’t back it up so I just let it go. It was so short it’s hardly worth mentioning, but for the sake of honesty here it is.

Now this was in a time before YouTube and podcasting. Finding videos and mp3s of radio shows was no easy task, especially with the recent death of Napster. However, with some work I was able to track down a Cooper lecture and some of his radio shows after 9/11 and became pretty convinced I had wasted my time on this guy. While in his book he seemed very insightful, in his spoken word you can tell this guy was off his rocker. I started to really investigate his claims independently and found they were hoaxes, elaborations or total fabrications. I found that he had some personal issues as well. Before I could really dig too deep, he had a shootout leaving him dead. That was the final nail in the coffin for me, even though it was clenching proof to some of my friends that he was really onto something.

Now for those of you who’ve wondered why I spend a lot of time debunking conspiracies, listen up. I felt terrible for what I did. I went around promoting this crazed nut job and his crackpot theories. A lot of my friends were still jockin’ this lunatic’s cock as if he had something of value to say and it was my fault they were exposed to it in the first place. So I tried to make amends by correcting my mistake and spending a lot of time researching and debunking his nonsense. 

I did quite well. I managed to convince all of the people I previously conned into this trap. Then in 2005, I was presented with a Flash presentation of the controlled demolition 9/11 conspiracy. As I watched it, it seemed credible until after it was over I thought about it for a few minutes and there was a few big red flags in my head. Now I’m not going to sit here and debunk all of the claims, because there are plenty of websites and videos that can do this better than I ever could. But these are the thoughts that really put the whole thing in the Recycle Bin in my mind:

  • “How the fuck did this all happen and not one single person involved get caught or confess?”

 For something like this, it would of taken at least 10s of thousands of people all working together. No one defected from the group and ratted his buddies out? No one after the fact had a crisis of consciousness? Please. Ben Franklin said something, that’s dead right. Not because he said it, but because it’s empirically true: Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” 

  • “If there were demolition charges, how come no one saw them being installed or noticed them post installation?”

How could you rig a building with that many explosives and have no body notice? No janitors, carpenters, ..etc. ever noticed demolition charges or wires? One of these guys told me it was planted shortly after the 1993 WTC bombing. Again, how did no one notice? Civilians were standing around the building and they just happen to get all of this equipment in the building without anyone noticing? That’s unfathomable.

  • “If a missile hit the Pentagon, why did everyone say it was a plane? Why would something like wings leave a hole if they are designed to be lightweight?”

This really was the smoking gun of bullshit for me. Nothing about the 9/11 Pentagon CT ever made sense to me. It’s just flat out retarded on every level.

After this came out I did some investigation and found a lot more problems with their arguments, virtually every claim they made was either unfounded and thus ignored, cherry picked which I found supplemental information to correct it, or inaccurate which I corrected.

I tracked down a group on MySpace (which was all the rave with all the kids at the time) and presented my arguments to them. This was really a wake up call if I had any lingering doubts about conspiracy theories having any basis in reality. It was no different than debating creationists. Even today it’s no different. Let’s say we were to take the argument of steel melting. They make the argument and I respond that steel doesn’t need to melt in order to weaken the structural integrity of a building. Then they shift gears and say something like “Well, what about how they built the towers to sustain a plane hitting it.” Creationists employ this exact style of debate. They bring up you can’t have speciation, you show them examples of speciation, and then it’s off to ‘you can’t add information to a genome!’  Bitch, please! To this day, I have yet to run into Twoofer who hasn’t pulled this on every single time I present counter evidence. They will NEVER conced a point. It’s as if 9/11 ‘Truth’ is a religion.

Now, I don’t care what your political position is. However, the best way to alienate potential converts is to use 9/11 as an argument for it. 9/11 being an inside job is not an argument for anarcho-capitalism, minarchism, communism, democratic socialism, anarchist communism, liberalism, conservatism, monarchism, national socialism, or even Zeitgeister Robo-communism. No matter the flavor, it’s a non-sequitur It’s not, bringing it up does nothing but make you and everyone else who subscribes to your political stance look like a group of cranks. So knock it the fuck off, please. 

However, I know people who are in the ‘movement’ are not going to listen to what I say and just accuse me of being a shill, disinformation agent, psyop..etc. They’ll send the typical hate mail and threats to my e-mail. They’ll also leave the always funny stupid comments like “The planes hitting the towers was like throwing a aluminum can at a steel beam.” And a few anti-semites will accuse me of being a Zionist. So be my guest. Comments are open and will not be deleted. 9/11 Truthers are good and shrinking their own support. If you need any more rope to hang yourself with, let me know in the comments.


*Yes I know this is a false analogy. The People’s Temple cult led by Jim Jones didn’t use Kool-Aid for their mass suicide/murder finally, it was actually grape Flavor-Aid. 

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  • Conspiracy theorists have actually become so predictable that after some massive shooting or something that gets allot of people killed, I know almost exactly what they will say on a website like the ones that Alex Jones controls. I also can tell how they will react if I were to post a comment containing real facts and logic… Unless it’s their “facts” and their “logic” I will get textual abuse and run the risk that one of those people might try to hack my emails and social networking accounts.

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