Doug “The Annihilator” Mallette Exposed


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Yesterday was ÖA reveal Örnsköldsvik Municipality mistake . Officials believed they invited an engineer who worked for NASA.
Instead, the American Douglas Mallette.
He was one of the poster child for the so-called Zeitgeist Movement.
The movement will be happy impression that Mallette is some kind of “space experts” that he has been involved in developing space shuttles for NASA.
In their promotional material, the organizers of the visit ended with a number of claims. Among other things, that Mallette “devoted professional life to developing technologies for sustainable ecological systems in space.”
It is not true.
But what has the actually Mallette made? Well, the closest he comes is a space that holds a similar position a trainee for the company GeoControl Systems.
For them, Mallette worked on systems for cargo handling, loading and unloading, at the Kennedy Space Center. Warehouse work, if you like.
Before that he worked for the U.S. Navy and later as a salesman. Mallette has negotiated everything from cigarettes to airline tickets and menswear.
To say that Mallette worked with space skyttelprogrammet is stretching the truth.
More doubts that the municipality is spreading also applies Mallette companies Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS).
World-class company describes as “revolutionary” and “high tech”.
It’s very well done for a one-man company that was started a few months ago, you would think. The company now registered in November 2011.
Pictures from Mallette so-called research facility also says the a lot about CFS.
The facility consists of a small narrow closet on a number square. There Mallette two small frames for vegetables. That’s all.
According to Mallette’s own data is the development budget in the current situation of the project at just over 35 000. Instead of high technology, this is rather a small hobby project where Mallette trying to cultivate energy-efficient.
Errors such as these have World class helped to spread out. And officials’ claims of a direct collaboration with the Green Party has been the politicians to respond.
Liberal Party Gunnar Melin is one of the politicians who are extremely skeptical about how it was handled.
– This seems very strange. Is it bad research or what is going on? And how can the World class at all, think about the idea of ​​a collaboration with a political party in this way, he says and continues:
– This indicates a lack of knowledge and / or poor track of what to do in the context of World Class.
OA has tried to achieve World Class Project Vanya Östman for comment.


6 thoughts on “Doug “The Annihilator” Mallette Exposed

  • So walk me through this, a fella I just watched giving a 2 hour lecture on how using technology to make production abundant using comprehensive knowledge and applying it in the same manor someone who has knowledge would use can make things better. The next thing I read is about how he’s a fraud because his company isn’t as big as he never said it was and he fluffed his resume. We’re on an economic model that uses guerrilla warfare and nuclear deterrent as economic models and one of the few people that makes sense when words come out of his mouth is getting bashed for not being as credentialed as our society would like and possibly exaggerating the success of his enterprise? Oh say it ain’t so. He’s in a class of his own for sure. Better send out a press release to our extremely credentialed and economically successful media.

    I’d like to know how that all adds together as I’m just a poor high-school dropout that isn’t too smart and wouldn’t stand up to the ever so wise scrutiny of the masses if I say, tried to use set theory in conjunction with temporal mechanics to quantify massive subsets of infinite integers on an infinite scale. I guess I’d just have to sit quietly with my thoughts as the smart people solved all my problems…

  • I think it says a lot for a movement that always cried “credentialism” any time someone with some education or experience under their beltlays down the obvious truth for TZM, but it’s OK to not only use credentialism, but to fluff it up.

    Secondly The status-quo is irrelevant here. It only really gets brought up by TZM to justfiy it’s wrong doings. “This guy lied about his credentials, but it’s OK because he’s trying to stop [war, starving people, bankers, 1%…etc]

    Third, Justin Templer (who knows quite a bit about non-cannabis hydroponic farming) has shown that these Omega Gardens are only good for making cheap, abundant high quality pot but very bad at making cheap abundant food at any quality and it creates a lot of waste.

    That’s why it’s important. The Omega Garden he parades around as the solution to world hunger is just a prop that id implemented would just waste the cost of food and create needless waste of electricity and rockwool (which can be a hazard) In fact, vertical farms (regardless or Omega Garden or not) will only make problems worse.

    TVP/TZM only try to sound scientific, they never bother to actually be scientific. It’s just a self serving cyclical loop to take in donations to make more films, to get more support for more film donations to make Merola and Fresco look great. It also promotes a conspiritorial worldview and economic illiteracy. This is why I oppose TZM.

  • ‘Economic illiteracy’ ‘Conspiratorial Worldview’ are on a par with anything other than the current corrupt monetary system being labelled ‘COMMUNISM’. If your economic knowledge does not comply with that being taught at the mment within the monetary system you are illiterate :D. Label anything ‘conspiratorial’ and the ignorant sheep walk away as they want to be seen as too smart to be taken in by ‘conspiracies’

  • RBE is communism. Just ask the communists.

    Yes, TZM and TVP are a group of economic illiterates and the reason is purrely simple: it relies on debunked economic myths as it’s foundation. Just like creationists are scientific illiterates, because it relies on scientific myths as it’s foundation.

    And no, there are real conspiracies, governments and other institutions do them often. The difference being rational and being a conspiritard who calls anyone who disagrees with them “sheep” is facts. Everything is a CONSPERRACEEE to a nutter. Someone dies; THE ELETES DID IT! A catastrophic or tragedy hits; IT”S A CONSPIRACEE. There’s something present without a clear widely known and established reason; DA GUBMIT DOES IT TO CONTROL OUR BRAINZZZ.

  • You say it’s a debunked economic myth…but we live in an economic system based on an infinite growth paradigm, implementing fiat money as debt, backed by a privately owned fractional reserve banking system. If this is the system created by literate economists, I’m willing to give the illiterate ones a listen.

  • No, I said it’s based on debunked economic myths. Planned obsolecence, technological unemployment, predatory pricing,..etc. RBE is scientifically discredited and so is the pesudo-pop-paychology that goes with it.

    Scientific literature that debunks RBE psychology:

    Scientific literature that debunks RBE proper:

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