Doug “The Annihilator” Mallette Exposed Pt. 2

The same paper did further investigations into this guy and found more:–det-tyder-pa-bristande-kunskap-

(rough translation)

Contested speakers are flown here – for tax moneyÖrnsköldsvik thought they invited an engineer who worked for NASA. But they got something else entirely.For weeks the American lands Douglas Mallette in Örnsköldsvik. The municipal development projects World Class in 2015, taking him here from Florida and pay for his stay. World-class online marketing the Mallette as NASA engineer. The idea is that Mallette during the week to give lectures in schools, public and business community. But there is a big problem. Mallette has never worked for NASA. His possible links to the U.S. space authority is that he worked for Boeing, which in turn has had construction contracts in connection with the now-completed space program. However, Mallette one of the poster child for the so-called Zeitgeist Movement. The foundation of the movement are the films of the same name. Of critics described the movement’s message that a healthy mix of conspiracy theories. The most famous Zeitgeistidén is that the U.S. government either on its own did the September 11 attack, or at least knew and did not stop the terrorist attack. If the secret societies that control the world. In the case of Douglas Mallette is mostly about space. He is among other things, convinced that human development can be explained by the fact that aliens have been involved with “behind the scenes”. He’s great dream is to see a space base on the moon. Mallette’s most famous performance is the film Awakening (Awakening) that he posted on Youtube. The Awakening shown pictures of starving children while Mallette spend the text of everything he is against: banks, money, capitalism and consumerism. In addition to bring in a contested speaker, market municipality in the coming activities as a direct collaboration with a political party. “The Green Party Örnsköldsvik and Zeitgeist Scandinavia together with the municipality of Örnsköldsvik have the honor to present a lecture event in the world!” – It’s just a pity that we have gone out with errors. It should not be seen as we are doing a joint event with the Green Party. We will correct this, says Vanya Östman, Project Manager, World Class 2015th The Green Party has continued to disseminate information and the decision to fly here from Florida Mallette maintained. – World class role in this is only that we have supported a young engaged guy who came to us and wanted help to bring in a lecturer. We have done this, nothing more. – Just because he comes here and tells you do not buy everything you say. Those who now come and listen to the lectures may practice their critical thinking, says Vanya Östman. In addition, managers already sold Mallette to Processum. According to the municipality will Mallette meet the company’s “key people”. – What I learned was that the municipality would take us a NASA engineer. It was what it was cool. If he has not worked for NASA, the question of this even relevant to us. That I must look closely at, says Sören Back, communications manager for Processum.
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This is the same guy who said TZM should “annihilate” any group of people who attempts to stop their stupid imaginary vertical farms.


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