Doug “The Annihilator” Mallette Exposed Pt. 3

Exposed yet again by the same paper:

(Updated to a better translation thanks to Tomas Izaias Englund)

Mallette lecture is canceled
Now highlights the Green Party Douglas Mallette from his lecture program after new revelations about the controversial aerospace engineer. Listen for yourself.

Mallette lectures has been cancled

The Green Party has decided to cancel Douglas Mallette lectures. New information about the controversial aerospace engineer forced the politicians to change their minds.
“The statements Mallette has made .. we can not accept such views,” says Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, spokesperson.

This weekend a number of youtube-videos was posted. OA (the name of the paper) disclosure about the space engineer Douglas Mallette got some spread in social media.

A number of American bloggers sat on some damning dark details about Mallettes past.

Now this information was brought to light.

It involves a number of statements made by Mallette in an interview from last year.

In the interview, Mallette uses a few drastic expressions: that opponents must be “crushed” and that some people are a “waste of skin”.

He said that he would “annihilate” and “eliminate” people who go against him.

The harshness of these statements got the Green Party to react.
“We felt that we just could not accept this. It’s serious enough to even be talking in such kind of terms. Therefore, we choose to say “no” to him. Mallette is no longer welcome here says Jakob Norstedt-Moberg, spokesperson.

It should be said, that Douglas Mallette at a number of occasions stated that he regrets his former statements. Also one of his apology-films were spread this weekend.

In the current situation, this is his statements.
“Of course, I regret saying those things. There were words said in affect. I do not advocate violence”, says Douglas Mallette.

Even schools that have invited Douglas Mallette to speak, starting to hesitate after OA:s (name of the paper) disclosure.

– Tomorrow we teachers will gather and discuss this situation, says Hans Jonsson, the teachers representative, Nola-school.