Doug “The Annihilator” Mallette Isn’t a Diamond in the Rough

A lot of people on both sides of the TZM/TVP/RBE/RBEM debate think that Doug Mallette is one of the more non-conspiratorial members of TZM/TVP. He’s not. Meurtos from The Skeptic Project (not to be confused with YouTube user RonaldDeLosMeurtos) fell for this trap and finally noticed today. Just because he worked with NASA or never really mentions conspiracies doesn’t mean he’s not a nut. He is and always has been.

Shortly after the orgy of articles exposing him (which are all translated and reposted on my blog) he’s shown his true nut colors again. Accusing James Kush, Muertos, The Swedish Press, and myself as “paid disinformation agents.” Meaning he believes the government and/or this paranoid fantasy the NWO pays us money to speak out against TZM/TVP.

Patently absurd and laughable at best. The anti-Zeitgeisters I talk to have their own reasons for critiquing the groups and do not get paid for what they do. I oppose it on both economic grounds and the fact that I think conspiracy theories are retarded. Either way, the fact that I said this is only more proof to the conspiracy nutters that I am a disinfo agent. If they want to think that, fine. Let them sit in their corner of the internet rocking back and forth screeching about the gubermint poisoning the air. I could give a shit.

After the quote of him saying we should eradicate/annihilate anyone who attacks a farming facility, he issued an ‘apology.’ He didn’t apologize for what he said, just how he said it. He also deleted it a month later which really shows he wasn’t sorry about what he said, just he was sorry he got caught looking like a dick and just wanted to sweep it under the rug.

However if you watch this video @ 5:33 he accused the people who exposed him as a little tyrant of being psychotic NWO agenda 22 agents.

He’s also very stupid. Even after accusing us of being paid disinformation agents of the gubermint, he thinks he can use the gubermint courts to sue gubermint agents in their sekkret gubermit NWO plot. There’s simply not enough tinfoil in a tinfoil abundant RBE to keep this nut at bay. So have fun with your “automated” toy pot garden used to grow expensive tomatoes and crying about chemtrails, but if you do want to sue me I’ll contact my attorney at LAWL.