UPDATED: Libertarian Party Trojan Horse Candidate: Scott Keller.


I’m not a member of the Libertarian party and haven’t been for a few years. Back when I was a member, the only thing I ever seen them do was fight with each other so I just ignored them for the most part and looked for other ways to spread the message. When they nominated Bob Barr, they sent me a letter telling me and asking for a campaign contribution. I took the prepaid envelope and sent back a letter asking them to remove me from their roles permanently because of this. I ignored them much more after that.

Something did cross my path a few days ago when blogger Muertos noticed that presidential candidate Scott Keller decided to drop out of running as an independent and seek the Libertarian nomination for president. I thought this was odd considering how much effort he has made to brush off libertarian ideas, now he’s embracing them?

“I’m not willing to change stances just to align with a party….I will continue to be a supporter and promoter of a move towards innovative ideas such as the Venus Project and the testing of Resource Based models.” ―Scott Keller

This is important for those who still are active in the LP. by “Resource Based models” he’s talking about a Resource Based Economy or Resource Based Economical Model. Most people in the LP are unfamiliar with what that is. Now a lot of libertarians like the idea of a “Resource Based Economy,” in fact, who wouldn’t? All economies are resource based. It’s a totally redundant term, like saying anal butt-sex in the ass.

But to people in The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement, those words mean something completely different. Their idea for the world’s economic system isn’t one of laissez-faire, or free market. Not even a regulated or mixed economy. In fact, what they advocate would make your typical socialist Occupy hippy look like a teabagger.

A Resource-Based Economy (or RBE as the kids call it) is a top down constructed socio-economic system in which the vast majority of labor is eliminated in favor of mechanization and automated production of goods. Everything is made and distributed in accordance with what scientifically efficient and ecologically sustainable and money is abolished. People can get food, water, clothing, housing and other goods needed to function without the use of money or trade.

If this sounds familiar, it should. This is the end goal of communism. A stateless, classless, moneyless post-scarcity society from each according to his ability to each according to his need. The “originator” of this RBE design is this ban, Jacque Fresco. I use that term loosely because I hardly consider this to be a rational ideology even by communist standards.

(SCATTER BRAIN WARNING: careful watching this, this guy can’t stay on topic if you paid him.)

What differentiates this system with something like Marx & Engels or Kropotkin & Bakunin is instead of having proposed systems of rational distributions of goods, Fresco has toy models. Why offer a solution or even propose one when you can just lay the burden of responsibility on the feet of “Science and technology will figure it out” and play with your toys?

In fact most of The Venus Project material is one of 2 things, listening to this old fart go on scatter brained tangents or watching his “World of Tomorrow” demonstrations that have little to do with the economic system, and mostly serve as a distraction to the fact it has any real substance.

Now this begs the question: Why would a neo-Marxist Technocrat run for president in a party that is mostly based on free-market ideas? The answer is simple; infiltration and disruption.

In 2010 a internet radio talk show host by the name of VTV (Neil Kiernan Stephenson) who’s show V-Radio is about The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project joined the Boston Tea Party and did take over. He got a bunch of his listeners and others from The Zeitgeist Movement forums to come on to his side and vote for him as the leader of the group to transform it from the libertarian leaning group to another mouthpiece for The Zeitgeist Movement. A Google search for “vtv site:bostontea.us” will yield the entire messy drama that unfolded. Since then the Boston Tea Party website is mostly abandoned after the whole fiasco.

Look, the LP has it’s problems. Infighting has gotten so bad that most people don’t even want to deal with it anymore. Myself included. If you think the infighting is bad now, wait until the Zeitards and Venusians come to stir the pot with Scott Keller, and they will.

Scott Keller talking to The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project about a RBE:

UPDATE: It appears his run was a dismal failure. And I do mean dismal. He received no straw poll votes. Not a single one. Not even in his home state of Texas. He didn’t have a single delegate at the any of the conventions. Dispute not a single Zeitard or Venus Projector getting off the internet for 5 minutes to help his campaign in Realworldistan, he’s made it clear he will be running in 2016 as an independent and in 2014 for Congress. I’m not sure if he’s seriously going to run for president again considering he let his domain renewal lapse. We’ll see I guess.