The Zeitgeist Movement is NOT Dying! Z-Day Proves Trolls Wrong!

Remember, kids. The Zeitgeist Movement isn’t dying. They are getting exponentially bigger every year. Don’t let the ‘trolls’ and ‘disinfo shills’ tell you otherwise. Here’s proof that more people, not less, are interested in Zeitgeist.
Z-Day 2010
Z-Day 2011
Z-Day 2012

You see, less events means more people. at the events. OK? JimJesus/Machwon, James Kush, Mario Brotha, Anon2AllOfUs, Muertos/RonOfTheDead (who is the same gubermint shapeshifter) and JustinTempler are all liars.

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2 thoughts on “The Zeitgeist Movement is NOT Dying! Z-Day Proves Trolls Wrong!

  • What makes the map even MOAR impressive is looking at the details for each event.

    10 people having a potluck supper to watch videos in someone’s apartment,
    a group meeting at a US Military Naval museum,
    watching the movie Thrive at a book cafe…

    But hey if it garners your spot of the Zday global event map then you are doing your part to change the world.

  • I like the ones with homework and the steak house. The homework is watching an internet movie and a lot of them are vegan nutters who wouldn’t step foot in a steakhouse.

    Also the Detroit event will be with Greens and OccupyDetroit with VTV and they are going to watch Z:3. I don’t think that will go over too well.

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