Scumbag Doug


Every time Douglas Mallette opens his mouth something stupid falls out. It’s pretty much safe to say any time he makes a claim, you can bet it’s wrong or self defeating. Which is why I don’t believe (along with the Swedish Press exposes of him) that he was really an engineer on the Space Shuttle Program. I doubt NASA would really hire people this stupid. 

Exibit: A

The reason why we don’t hear about these trains crashing is for 2 reasons:
1. Because they are in other countries and unless you’re watching their news, it’s hardly relevant to the US. So we rarely cover it.
2. Train wrecks aren’t that common period.

But is there any evidence that bullet trains crash less or are more safe? No. In fact one of the most deadly train crashes of all time was Eschede bullet train disaster where over 101 people died and 88 others were injured. To add insult to injury, there was only 287 people on the train making a majority. Another German high speeder 26th of April in 2008 causing some injuries because sheep were standing on the rail

In China last year lightning struck the rail lines and caused a power outrage to the line causing 2 trains to collide and 6 to derail. 40 people died and it raised questions on how safe the rail likes were.

They are every bit as dangerous as regular trains and to say “A lot of the cost is making them safe” is misleading because it leads you to believe that other trains disregard safety which is simply untrue. A lot of money is spent making rail lines safe with our without high speed rail.

Another commented pointed out that yes, the state has made it illegal to compete with Amtrak.

Exibit: B

After Zeitgeist Movement Exposed ran an article about his plan to bring about a RBE like test city for nudists, Doug posted this: 
I can only speak for myself, but I don’t ‘troll’ Zeitgiesters. I just critique their movement and because they are so wrapped up in their ideology they get angry when someone points out it’s shortcomings (and there are many.) So because they get angry, they think that’s something I do intentionally. No. Get off your high horse and realize we have shit to say, don’t be like these Scientology nutters who disregard everyone who disagrees as “suppressive people.” It’s milieu control, and it’s sick. Knock it off. Your ideology isn’t that bulletproof.
The funny thing isn’t the nudism. This is why we all think you’re a bit slower than you lead people on to believe. The funny thing is that you want to make this nudist resort as “RBE styled” and will be “like the first city.” That is what’s funny. It has nothing to do with social “programming” (which is a debunked and discredited theory.) This is as stupid as you saying Skeptic Project/Conspiracy Science crew as people who believe in NWO Agenda 21 nonsense when the whole point of that site to debunk such conspiracies. There is nothing wrong with nudists, except for the people who go there. Bunch of fat and fugly old people playing volleyball naked.
You don’t help people. You beg for money to travel the world for paid talking gigs about your stupid pot Ferris wheel that wastes more resources than horizontal farming. That’s not helping people, that’s participating in circle jerks. No, that’s not a pun. We know sexual activity is banned from nudists resorts.
I could care less about attention. If I did, I’d still be making anti-Zeitgeister videos and I haven’t made any since last year. You guys are a circus, so don’t criticize me when I watch you clowns running around and getting a giggle out of it.
Seriously.. RBE Nudist Resort? How am I not supposed to laugh at that? Better yet, how are Zeitgiesters not supposed to laugh? Jesus Christ, seriously I thought you were late for an April Fool’s prank.

But what makes this post really stupid is it’s essentially saying is  “I don’t care what you have to say, but I’m going to read it and respond to it here for all to see that I do care”

Exhibit: C

This one is pretty self explanatory.