Return of The Jim Jesus Show

         So I am officially announcing the return of The Jim Jesus Show. It will be a live call in show with podcasts after. The show will be Saturday 12-2 and longer if people keep calling. The show will be mostly regarding skepticism, debunking conspiracy theories, current events, and cults. This will not be an economics or political show. There’s plenty of other people doing that show, call them. This will be almost combat radio, so if you disagree with me, you will get priority call placement.

         Now the official launch date has not been set. We’re still working out the technical aspects of the show. But we plan to have both a skype and a traditional phone call in number. If you’re interested in participating in the test shows please leave a comment below, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. If you get a moment, go ahead and give one of these a call and leave a voicemail. If it’s good, I’ll incorporate it into a bumper or intro!

This project is on hold for a few months while I get ready and started for school.  I’ll post a fresh entry when I get things going again.

Skype line:                    thejimjesusshow
Live call in line: