This Ain’t Your Grandpa’s World’s Fair

So strolling around on YouTube for crazy videos I stumbled on this on the TZMOfficialChannel … channel.

Apparently TZM was invited to The New World Fair. OK, what’s that?

I think everyone had that grandpa or great grandpa who talked about that crazy thing they saw/did at the 1945 World’s Fair. If not, go vist an old folk’s home and chat it up with some of the blue haired beauties and they’ll tell you all about it. They stopped calling it the World’s Fair and started calling in Expo in 1967 an apparently continues to this day.

Since there’s still a sence of nostalgia attached to the name, a bunch of crazy moonbats and new-agers got together and started up a “New” World Fair. Now yesterday I knew nothing about this but apparently it’s been going on for a while now and the next ones in in New York and TZM got invited. Already that speaks volumes to the credibility.

So doing a little invistigation I started looking into what’s going to be going on there and boy does this sound like a Loonyfest


I don’t even know what to say other than you need to see this for yourself. It’s just a word salad list of all the new agey words in the dictionary.


Luana DeAngelis: “Luana DeAngelis is Founder and Director of You Can Thrive! Foundation, a large utopian version of the future of health care. ” What? Apparently this place is a new age healing center that cures diseases by meditation, yoga, eating vegetables, aligning your chakras, spanking the pudd..etc. This is so not a scam. *ahem*

Andrew Norton Webber: A nut bar who thinks drinking your piss will cure everything including AIDS.

Dina Vitantonio; A horsey faced Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike who runs a quack healing outfit that uses the “energy” from crystals, alligning you chakras, medication, yoga, martial arts, Reiki, Tao and all kinds of other new age nonsense.

Russ Baker: An investigative journalist who I know nothing about nor can I tell anything about him on his site.

Bill Still: The guy who made the notoriously incorrect films The Money Masters and The Secrets of Oz

Adam Kokesh: A libertarian activist but noted 9/11 Truther and conspiracy theorist. His buddy, Luke Rudowski a key person in the conspiracy activist group We Are Change.

Webster Griffin Tarpley: Conspiracy nut and former LaRouche cultist who thinks everything in a false flag operation.

Susan Lindauer: A crazy bitch who decided to be a spy for the Iraqi Government but was declaired mentally unfit for trial. The charges were dropped later but she still claims she knew about 9/11 in advance, worked for the CIA and other nutty adventures.

Vashisht Vaid: New age crank that rambles about expanding consciousnesses, esoteric knowledge, vortex of energies, and other new age meaningless psychobabble.

Jonathan Talat Philips: A new agey religious blogger for HuffPo who wrote a play called “The Ayahuasca Monologues”


I won’t list all of them but I’ll list some of the highlights:

Food Beware: A film about how we should all eat organic local foods even hough ir will just result in more expensive food and less of it.

Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point: A movie about how we should have free energy, even though it violates the first and second laws of thermodynamics.

The Future of Food: Morgan Spurlock tells us GMO good is bad and Organic is good. Crap.

Supercharge This!: A wannabe SuperSize Me movie about raw foodism.

The Beautiful Earth: There’s a conspiracy to keep the cure from cancer known by big pharma but somehow they forgot to cover up this movie.

2012 A Time for Change: A new age Mayan Calender Doomsday movie with a twist; it’s going to be a good thing.

A few other 2012 movies…

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. A debunked movie about a Utopian form of social restructuring.

The Boy With Divine Powers: About a guy who is Buddha reincarnate. I didn’t know Buddha slapped people and had his followers kidnapped women. He’s also a fraud.

What in the World Are They Spraying? LOLCHEMTRAILS! Chemtrail nuttery movie. Nuff’ said.

Freedom To Fascism: One of the conspiracy movies I used to like long ago. It’s crap. A lot of inaccurate claims about the history of the fed, lot of bogus quotes used. Also sorry, you have to pay income taxes.

Kymatica/Esoteric Agenda. It’s like a new age Zeitgiest on crack. One of the most insufferable conspiracy nut videos I ever watched.

If my Grandfather were alive today, they would be facepalming the very notion that the World Fair had turned into this shit.


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