TZM Wants a Censorship Society

Looks as though someone from The Zeitgeist Movement was upset over a recent posting at James Kush’s blog about a peer reviewed study that showed that TZM was “conspirituality” or a new age conspiracy religion. So they took it upon themselves to have the whole site shut down and VTV posted this picture shortly after.

This is in stark contrast to their claims that they want a “free and open society” and opposed all forms of censorship. I already knew this when they false flagged my video “The End of The Zeitgeist Movement” for “hate speech.” (Mirror: Which is kind of funny because it’s not a sexual orientation or a race, so perhaps this is TZM affirming it is a religion.

Nothing of value was lost. I have been told by James Kush that he regularly backs up the site and it will be back up very soon on it’s own domain to prevent further abuse.


2 thoughts on “TZM Wants a Censorship Society

  • If there ever needed to be any more proof that TZM was a cult, this is it. Only a cult would silence it’s critics in such a manner.

  • This is how I got interested in cults to begin with, Scientology used to mass flag mine and other people’s MySpace accounts for questioning them. VTV and who ever was involved in getting Kush’s site taken down and whoever was involved in the sockpuppet war was going by OSA’s dirty trick handbook.

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