Yes, I deleted VTV’s comment.

VTV has been using sockpuppets (like he always does) to try and link his sockpuppet’s blog post to here. I deleted them just like he deletes and edits many of my comments from his stuff. I told him I’m not interested in debating him or his poverty Muppets anymore but he still persists to push the issue.

His blog isn’t worth addressing as anyone who takes 5 seconds to investigate the quotes and sources he uses would find they prove him to be a liar. So I’m not going to waste my time nor will I waste any more time on VTV at all. He’s insignificant to the movement, his fan base is depleting, and most of his critics are members of TZM. It would be like debating LaRouche to somehow sway Democrats into leaving the party. A Google search of “vtv v-radio” does more than enough to discredit him I’m just piling more straw on the dead camel.

So yes, I won’t be accepting comments that link to that blog because it’s a waste of time and energy and anyone who thinks that blog is objective isn’t worth my time anyway. 


2 thoughts on “Yes, I deleted VTV’s comment.

  • VTV = classic case of psychological projection.

    Everything he whines about are things he hates about himself. He uses sockpuppets, deletes people’s posts, & bullies people.

    His planned troll documentary is his autobiography.

  • The shit he does just reminds me of some of the old blogs Scientology troll “Tom Newton” used to make about me back in the day saying I smoked crack and cat shit. The only people who took it seriously were Scientologists just like the only people who took that shit seriously were Zeitards.

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