There’s a guy on YouTube a lot of you might be familiar with called ‘TheTruePooka.’ He tried to engage with me, and having seen his bad videos before, was expecting him to fuck everything up as soon as I noticed he responded. Which he did.

However, that’s not what I’m going to address here because a minor strawman doesn’t hold a candle to the Twitter exchange of fail that followed proving that TheTruePooka lives in a fantasy land where he’s always right and everyone else should know better even if it requires psychic abilities or accepting things you never said.

He finds a tweet I made on May 19th. 6 months ago. Now I know he didn’t stroll though twitter stream reading it for hours until he got into tweets I made 6 months ago. Just out of curiosity I just Googled our Twitter names and the only result I got was that tweet so I’m guessing that’s how he found this:

I love how TheTruePooka love to chime in on shit he knows nothing about. Jews For Jesus is even nutter than VFX, always has been.

He responds:

 I love how people toss out strawman arguments thus showing their total ignorance.

Of course a strawman argument  is when make an argument for your opponent and then attack that instead of their real argument. Seeing how the tweet never attempts to even talk about his argument or assigns a position to him, he’s of course inferring a position on me. Essentially he’s strawmanning me by accusing me of strawmanning him. The irony is too rich.

The point I was making (if it isn’t clear as fucking day) was simple: That he was ignorant of how crazy J4J is if he thinks having a rational dialog will make them reconsider anything. A bit of context made a video the day before (May 18th 2012) asking J4J to have a rational dialog with him regarding them having VenomFang X preach in his neighborhood.


Seeing how Jews for Jesus is a thought reforming abusive cult and their crazy past, I knew it was a fool’s errand to rationalize with crazy people. Granted I do the same with conspiracy nuts, but mostly that’s for my own enjoyment. He did call his local New Yorkers to help do the same, so it was pretty clear he wanted something to come of this outside of amusement. So what did I strawman him with? Well according to TheTruePooka, he could read my mind and find the true reason I made that tweet:

@JimJesus Show me where I implied J4J are “not nutty”. That’s your strawman. You need to work on your basics.

When I tell him I implied no such thing he demands to provide an explanation evidence of my cognitive records.

 @JimJesus Provide explanation and evidence 2 back up your original tweet. Don’t change the topic. Again. Or are you too much of a simpleton?

To which I did explain.

@TheTruePooka My tweet isn’t implicating anything you’re asserting. That was my problem with your video, J4J is crazier than VFX (cont.)
@TheTruePooka and attempting to reason with them is a fool’s errand. Also, you’re a fool so… :/

And I still stand by that given the information at the time. Remember I made this tweet on May 19th. On May 22nd he made a video clarifying his position here and did a BlogTV with “TrollingWithLogic” (which I can’t find a back up of. if you know of this place comment below and I will place it here.) Pooka says:

@JimJesus you dumbass. You absolutely missed the purpose of those videos. #GoToTheBackOfTheClass @JimJesus You obviously missed the follow up. You failed because again; You didn’t do your research & homework.

@JimJesus You obviously missed the follow up. You failed because again; You didn’t do your research & homework. 

@JimJesus This is the same shit you’re doing in comments. Talking about shit without all the facts. Arguing from ignorance.

We go back and forth and he clarifies his position saying that he wasn’t trying to reason with J4J and VenomfangX, he was using them. “#LocalPolitics.” He told me he clarified it in a later video made 2 days after the tweet. Now this is an honest mistake and I try to point this out to him.

@TheTruePooka So you’re saying I should know what’s in your videos before you make them?

Now this is when he says “OK, I see. You made a tweet before all the facts were out. I can see how you misunderstood considering the facts were not made available to you. Here’s the videos where I expound on why I made that video”



@JimJesus I also have done an earlier video addressing the J4J. And despite being Nutty they are part of NYC interfaith #ToeTheLine

That’s fine. However this still doesn’t mean ex-ante my tweet was inaccurate  The video was clear you wanted to open a dialog with them. You had ulterior motives, fine. No one knew that at the time, why should I be omnipotent.


@JimJesus 0.o I made the video ages ago. You seem to be still supporting the idea I’m ignorant of them with present tweets.

No, I was defending my position at the time before you made the video so I didn’t have to bother finding out the purpose of the video. Granted I didn’t know these videos exist because I don’t watch your videos as I’ve told you. I saw that one and commented on it. At the time and the information available at the time, it was not inaccurate. Even taking into account the previous video that did exist at the time.

@JimJesus This video is prior to the tweet if it helps 

To which I respond “And this clarifies your point about making a video to J4J about VFX? Pooka, you dun goofed.”

Sorry, Pookie. Your video, as presented, was making clear you wanted to open a dialog with J4J which I found ignorant. Again, I don’t watch your channel, I’ve never been a subscriber, and I avoided having a dialog with you given your extreme irrationality on many topics you discuss, including many I agree with you overall on.

There’s silence for 2 hours. I figured he might of done something else for a bit, reflected, and/or just dropped it. It’s not like I could have known what he was going to say before he said it, nor is it a big deal he didn’t take the timeline of events into full consideration. Unfortunately, we’re still talking about Pooka here.


@JimJesus No that addresses your claim of; “I’d never commented on J4J prior to your tweet” & “You’re ignorant”. Jim you dun goofed.
@JimJesus Impression I’m getting is you failed in winning the relevant arguments so you’re now grasping at straws here on twitter. #LetItGo

So when he realizes he makes a total ass of himself he doubles down and lies. I never said he said he never commented on Jews For Jesus, nor did I imply it, nor did I hint at it, nor did that thought even cross my mind so he can’t even say he read my mind.

Give it up Pooka, you’re a human too. You fuck up just like anyone else.


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  • When TheTruePooka corrects people that he’s Irish when they call him a jew is because he doesn’t like jews. How do I know this? Clearly, it’s clearly implied. Clearly.


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