LMAOistRebelNews 2: Shoot the Moon

This is what happens when you listen to RT, you believe shit.

In he reads a story from RussiaToday that recently (and by that he means over 13 years ago) a program came to light about Project A119 which had a plan to set off a nuke or hydrogen bomb on the moon. While it’s true that was something they considered, it was not a plan to “blow up” the moon as he and the RussiaToday (or as I like to call it, KremlinToday.) He also talks to Sagan as a way compliment his achievements to rationalize with him about blowing up the moon. Does he even know Segan died a couple decades ago?  Even if he was alive he wouldn’t be watching shitty uninformed videos from a avowed Maoist.

No, they weren’t planning to blow up the moon. There’s no way the US scientists at the time (which included the great Carl Sagan) weren’t high enough to think any bomb we had could “blow up” the moon.

Now because Jason here couldn’t be bothered to learn about the space race, this wasn’t a knee jerk reaction to incite violence on the moon (I feel so embarrassed for him as I type this knowing someone holds this position.) The point was to show technological capabilities in a time when the Soviets were a threat. If it could be shown to the soviets we had a technological advancement too, it would (in theory) hold off a nuclear war. In the end they opted to put people on the moon, which they did and happy we are for that instead of detonating a nuke on the moon and ‘Mericaland won the space race.

See kids, this is what happens when you take RussiaToday seriously  You believe garbage. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go blow up the moon!