I haven’t seen any really dumb Facebook pics in a while, but I have seen some dumb shit come from MaoistRebelNews. For those of you who who don’t know, he’s a white privileged heterosexual male reaping the rewards in a capitalist country complaining how the other privileged heterosexual male reaping the rewards in a capitalist country don’t know what it’s like to be poor.

He has TL;DR blogs about, among other things, that Stalin really didn’t kill lots of people and how he’s ass hurt about a Facebook picture calling Amanda Todd a whore. He also pretends to be a journalist on YouTube while giving his opinions on the latest story from RussiaToday and PressTV, bashing America, and pining how he’d love to live in the DPRK.

Anyways, it’s always east to stroll though some of his shit and find outrageously poor researched quotes, blazing ignorance and flat out dishonesty. It’s shooting fish in a barrel but I’m out of content so…

The link links to a story about a Cuban a trans-woman was elected to a local office in Cuba. I believe he’s trying to say that Cuba, the great socialist paradise, is more advanced on the LGBT front. The problem is there’s this thing called reality and he’s totally detached from it. Stacie Laughton (D-NH) was elected to the state’s House of Representatives earlier in the month. (She is in resignation limbo at the time of this post regarding her status as an ex-felon and the fact she never disclosed it during the campaign.) But let’s not forget Joanne Conte (CO) and Althea Garrison (D-MA.) I have to ask, where’s all the elected transgendered politicians in the great progressive country of Canada, eh?

He starts off the video by saying Red Dawn is just a propaganda peace to inspire nationalism and jingoism into preemptively bombing North Korea. The problem is the decision to make it about North Korea was a last minute change in editing to appeal to Chinese audience. It is true that North Korea is poor and the narrative still is well established in facts, to say that the movie is made to whip up jingoism into a war with North Korea kind of goes against what the makers had in mind. Why bother to look into it at all when you can just ASSume the facts? I wish I could live in a world like MRN where his uninformed opinion is real like facts.

While it’s unrealistic that a group of kids and a off duty solder could ward off an invading country is highly improbable is true. However, Hollywood isn’t interested in making action movies with super realistic plots, they’re interested in making flashy movies that sell tickets. I don’t remember people going “Boondock Saints would of been good if the firefights were more realistic. There’s no way they could of survived that!” No, idiot. It’s a work of fiction and supposed to be grander than life. The new Red Dawn didn’t suck because it had an unrealistic plot, it sucked because it was a peace of shit. If you want reality; watch a documentary, if you want mindless action go see a real movie.  (And no, Michael Moore doesn’t count as a real documentary.)

There’s nothing to indicate that the makers of this film intended to advocate an invasion of North Korea, if anything it would be China considering that’s what it was originally filmed as. Considering they are wanting to market it to Chinese it probably means they just wanted to have a good ol’ mindless war movie with explosions and guns. You’re just reading into it without having any command of reality, per usual.

I don’t know why I’m wasting my time on this moron. I guess it is fun to pick on the special needs kids from time to time I guess.