Yes, Douglas Mallette is Still A Nutjob.

I know a lot of people think Douglas Mallette isn’t crazy conspiracy nut, just a bit deluded on his ideology and commercial adventures. Well according to Douglas Mallette, GMO foods were designed by scientists to for the soul reason of giving you cancer. I can’t make this shit up.
FF to 32:45

“Some technologies aren’t very good. Some technologies don’t serve a proper purpose and they might not even be relevant as we move forward. What’s the technological benefit of of creating some crazy-ass frankenfood that is going to give you cancer later on just because some scientists were paid to do so in a lab? I mean, what’s the scientific relevance of that? …And this is coming from a science geek.” – Douglas Mallette

Yea, that would be a bad technology, Doug. That’s why it doesn’t exist. There’s no evidence commercially available GMO foods are harmful. The reason GMOs are made is not to give you cancer (if it was, the scientists failed miserably) but to increase yield, resist parasites, resist molds, and to create vitamins and minerals that are lacking in a region’s diet like golden rice.

This all goes back to Doug and his conspiracy theory mindset everyone wants to pretend doesn’t exist. He’s a loon, always has been and still is. This is the difference between a science geek and someone who follows the science. I think Maddox sums up the kind of science geek Doug is, and you can take a gander at his Facebook wall to confirm. Unlike most “I fucking love science” types, he thinks ZOMG THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL WITH TOMATOES!!!!


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