It Was Never The Zeitgeist.

People ask me why I would disregard and ignore members of The Zeitgeist Movement and/or The Venus Project. I think the better question is, why did I ever bother in the first place?

TZM and TVP are not relevant, nor were they ever. They might of been relevant for 5 minutes in their whole existence when Zeitgeist: Addendum was released and there was an initial interest but it soon tapered off. Here I will prove, once and for all, that no one gives a rat’s ass about TZM, TVP or their religious stance on the Resource Based Economy.

Here is the Google Trend data for search results relating to TZM/TVP. You can see it’s always been on a steady decline with a bump and correction around the release of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (the third and final installment of the film series)
Here I took the highest yielding results and compared them to the main proponents (Fresco and Merola) to see if the results would be any higher. They were not so we’ll just ignore those and use ‘Venus Project’ and ‘Zeitgeist Movement’ as our baseline. 
Let’s compare that to ‘libertarian’ which is a relatively obscure/fringe political position.  
How does a fringe crank like Alex Jones compare to TZM/TVP? Let’s just say this dude is Michael Jackson in the 80’s by comparison. 

When was the last time anyone cared about Tom Green? When 4Chan was raiding his internet show no one watched? The dude is a total rock star in comparison. 

What about a website that’s synonymous with woo, quackery, and pseudoscience?

I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that more people care about a ‘comedian’ who hasn’t have a viable career in over 20 years and was responsible for one of the worst films of all time: BioDome.

So yea, next time A Zeitard tells me TZM is relevant because they were on The Young Turks (as if anyone gives a fuck,) just tell them more people today care about Tom Green and Pauly Shore. So I’ll make a deal with you Zeitgeisters. The day people care more about you than Pauly Shore is the day I’ll give you the time of day.


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  • Aren’t you basing your position on the unimportant cults-of-personality that marketing moguls love to create?
    It all seems a bit odd to me, to take the Google results of a relatively small fraction of the whole world (those with access) as any sort of “evidence” of anything; other than to illustrate how shallow the concerns of the general public are and always has been in a money driven world.

    I am not your enemy, and I too feel TZM’s films have a hypnotic effect that makes me question. However when Iwatch Fresco speak (who is no longer affiliated with TZM apparently) I feel GOOD about myself, the planet, and the future.

    I feel the old man has a great plan (it is a PLAN; it is the mammel that needs the T-Rex to go extinct to be fully realized) and I do subscribe to his statement that it is not proper to criticize without offering an alternative.

    What would be yours?

  • 1. This “fraction” of the internet is the majority of TVP and TZM’s reach. They aren’t a movement and they’re not activists. 99% of all TZM and TVP’s activity is on the internet. Even still, Google Tends is a very good arbiter of real world trends. It’s not like The Congo or Somalia has a huge TZM or TVP chapter. Hate to burst your bubble, but no one really cares about RBE and those who do are not interested in repackaged Marxism.

    2. I do not need to propose an alternative to critique anything. Fresco (and he knows this) says that bullshit line about how you should propose an alternitive if you’re going to critique him to allow his dupes to turn the tables. So for example I said “Oh, I think Democratic socialism is best” you can go right into the reasons Democratic Socialism is terrible and thus come out like RBE won. It’s a tactic that Scientology uses on it’s critics “Well what are you doing to help mankind?!” “What’s your solution to the over drugging of kids?!”

    Answer: it doesn’t matter but Scientology nor RBE are not good solutions to resolve those problems.

  • Firstly, thank you for your time- I didn’t really expect such a timely reply, if at all!

    1. No I said (or tried to say) only a fraction of the world’s population has internet access. Maybe this is why impoverished nations like Congo or Somalia do not (yet) have a strong RBE movement.
    But to stay on track and keep to brevity, even assuming Google is a great arbiter of whole-world trends, we’re only measuring what’s POPULAR right now and the period up until now. Popularity does not equal true or accurate, merely what’s been purposely advertised or suppressed- by one interest or another.
    Your position is the project is not (currently) popular therefore not really relevant. I would counter that’s due to the same forces that, for example, brought in the “Federal” Reserve even though a previous potus worked so hard in abolishing the bank cartel. (Yes I am using the movement’s own propaganda: don’t hate me for it, Jackson did say and do those things)
    I just don’t see that it matters what people are researching.

    Find out what subset is researching new economic ideas, then present how many people in that set favor TVP over any other solutions.
    Compare apples to apples!

    2. You’re right: after some careful consideration it is my opinion you can critique without offering anything in return. A solid idea can or should stand up to any fair scrutiny.
    But this is not very helpful. I have long disliked our adversarial legal system. I don’t like it but it’s the best we’ve come up with- I can point out all the flaws and inequities but I’m wasting oxygen until I have a comprehensive alternative to offer.

    3. Fresco has always known he’d never live to see his dream come to fruition, nor will I. Nor my children, likely. So as for your images of the donation cup as motive; I’d like to see his financial position. As an economist you are very well equipped to expose this sort of motive- tracing cash flow to friends or secret accounts, etc.
    Have you found nothing to show he is profiting from TVP in a corrupt manner? That is, besides a 6 figure income he may see fit to give himself… which is nothing, peanut dust, compared to say a Jim Baker type of setup.

    4. I don’t think you can really burst my bubble my friend: as I find myself saying a lot these days regarding ideas that are refinements or have common evolutionary roots: science and the leveraging of science as we know it, on this scale, has never ever been tried before.

    We are in a totally unique period of high tech and social awareness such that it just doesn’t fly to say “it’s been tried and failed” – no it hasn’t, not with nanotech fixing plant cells to increase yields and AI without bias deciding the best way to distribute resources.

  • I guess what I am asking in a nutshell is: why are you so suprised that a very young movement like TZM, and an idea like TVP found some real acceptance online only? How could it be otherwise?

    We both know anyone with money will not let it go and subscribe to TVP. Rather they would suppress it as a “nice dream” by a ‘futurist’ nutbar and continue to rape earth in the supposedly noble idea that if a business is not growing it is dying. Business cannot remain comfortably big and balanced or it is subject to getting taken over by a bigger business.

    In the world as we know it, in any monetary system, TVP can not gain public support.

    I used to believe TZM could help, but I have grown distrustful of it’s younger leadership. This led me to you; but you show Google results of fickle entitled young asswads who latch onto whatever is hip or new.

    This is why your graphs have a peak and decline of TVP searches: it is not a true indicator of anything but the younger, more affluent, first world, so-called individuals.

    Give it time online, and let T-Rex do what it does until it’s too late. THEN we all will have *no choice* but to live in communal cities protecting us from earth’ s renewal with only solar and wind at our disposal…

  • One last question of if you have a click.. could you write the names of the materials you recommend reading or viewing.

    The video I saw was more about generals than specifics and exposed some ignorance on their bloggers- the big gatekeepers in this medium. I don’t recall the 50 page manual, or the books.


  • Maybe my request is hidden among my other thoughts n concerns… I don’t see even a link or typed URL yet (& judging by your prompt replies.)

    You must forgive a noob eh. I’m online via new smartphone; and there are no other links or Home buttons on this blog page. NICE bg tho!

    I’m very much wanting to do my due diligence and you’re video was a good place to start. BTW why am I the only one posting here? Are there no other JJ followers that could give me the names of the materials the kids wouldn’t read ?

    Trying, here.

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