Here’s What You Have to do to Promote Communism in 21st Century America

1. Avoid calling it communism or Marxism.

2. If anyone still calls it communism, ascribe positions to communism communists don’t hold and say you don’t subscribe to those positions.

3. Barrow legitimacy from science and technology. People can disagree with your ideology but not science. So just pretend that you wanting to use science in your prescription is the same as it being scientific.

4. Everything else isn’t a TRUE Scotsman like yours is. If there’s place that has tried your idea already and failed, just say it didn’t have the technology to do it yet. Because the whole world was banging rocks until you figured out your ideology so it didn’t count. Nevermind that they had a successful space program or the ability to mass produce things, it can’t be good enough unless it went smoothly.

5. Nevermind the details, you got pretty pictures. Why bother with explaining how it will work right this time, we’ll figure it out later with science magic. Now, shut up and look at these pretty city designs.

6. Only politicians and for-profit firms are subject to corruption. Once you wear a lab coat instead of a suit and tie, you’re unable to corrupt anything. Science is magical, it can do no wrong.

7. Convert idiots with cheap gimmicks and internet videos. Why try and get real scientists to support you when you can solicit the help of idiots on YouTube? Also do some Mr. Wizard tricks like showing how memory wire works and say it can do things it can’t like make a self repairing car out of it.

8. If someone is attempting to debunk your ideology, just remember to define your rigid ideology in the most vaguest way possible. Sure he can show why it won’t work to just remove money, so don’t bother. Just say you’re just a “sustainability advocacy group” and there only thing you want is to address “social concerns.”