Jury Harder


Voting is supporting the apparatus of the state. If you vote, you’re sanctioning the violent thugs even if you’re voting for lessening or abolishing state violence. The chances of your vote changing anything is small even in small local elections where your vote has the most impact. You should resist engaging in this state activity because it’s only the illusion of limiting state aggression. It is a waste of an hour of your time. Also, it’s a bad way of convincing people of libertarian ideals.


You should not resist getting on a jury. You have a small chance getting on a jury trial for a non-violent criminal, and even smaller chance of convincing your fellow jurors the beauty of nullification and to nullify because of your libertarian beliefs, and even smaller chance of overturning a law. Sure you’re participating in a state function that could be avoided by simply informing the judge of your genuine belief that the court is illegitimate, but that small chance is worth the days, weeks, or months of time trying.

Pick one.


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