Shane Killian (shanedk) is a bitch.


This is just a drama dump because I think people really need to see the real ShaneDK and how he handles criticism. When you do catch him being wrong he bans you like a bitch. But that’s only after he tries to gaslight you for days calling you a liar in capslock. If you’re only familiar with his videos then you’re probably only aware of his good side but disagree with him and he goes from a rational calm skeptic to a delusional, irate, childish, shitcock.

The DMCA Thread.

This is what happens if you disagree with Shane Killian even on the margins. Everybody in the discussion all agreed the DMCA was bad but when Shane made false statements and was corrected on it, he flipped out. Note how he behaves when it is pointed out the CDA explicitly excluded intellectual property after he claimed otherwise.

The Facebook Thread.

In this thread Jared (a.k.a. EagleEye1975) debates him on open immigration with a welfare state. Notice how Shane quote-mines and doubles down. But there’s a particular part early on that’s very important because it plays a role. It’s the part where he accuses me an ad-hominem.

The YouTube comment war.
This is just extra nails in the coffin…

…but this one is the final nail. This is what happens when you finally corner him. When you finally get in a place where he has to admit he was wrong. Does he? No, he block-bitches. What he doesn’t realize with the new Google Plus comment system is that it’s still all there for all to see. I’m posting images and the real link just so there’s no denying it.

The Facebook Ad-hom section for reference:
And him being dishonest about it.


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