March 29, 2020



Emoji Movie: Basically the best movie ever made. It’s the film adaptation of The Ego and His Own

Fourth Wave Meninism: As opposed to 3rd Feminism, teaches that men and women will always be in a perpetual state of conflict. Rather than trying to fix one gender’s attitudes or biology to solve this conflict, 4th Wave Meninism aims to solve it by allowing both genders to take out their sexual aggression and frustrations on sexbots and push towards a robo-sexual revolution. This is the excuse given by programmers for not getting pussy and blaming feminism, but the excuse isn’t wrong.

Negra Modelo: Since most social media platforms have been throttling people talking about COVID-19 aka Coronavirus, we’re instead saying Negra Modelo which is a superior cerveza to Corona.

Post-Right: It’s a non-dogmatic right perspective that formed from a Facebook group of the same name. It rejects most statements that purports to be “self-evident.” It rejects “end-all” statements that claim to end debates that have been going on for centuries. Embracing egoism, empirical verification of economic and sociopolitical theories, while still favoring individual autonomy, free-markets, and the abolition of the state.

Sips: Monster Zero Ultra and all of the colored variants. *sips* DOOM was a great game. The original sips was Arizona Iced Tea.

Worms!: This is a take on the phrase “word!” Used as a greeting, a “goodbye” and as a sign of affirmation. It’s also a warrant canary So if you see me say “word” then chances are I’ve been contacted by a government spook and not allowed to say so.