The Future of “The Lolberts” Podcast and The JimJesus YouTube Channel


It’s been a great run but I’m on to bigger and better things. I started making regular content way back in 2009. It’s now 2020 and I’m just done with politics. I’m going to keep up everything that was on the YouTube channels and the RSS feed is still live on The Lolberts for now. I had a lot of Ls and Ws and I’m going to be very candid about those Ls.

First I was very instrumental in taking down 2 cult leaders; Stephan Molyneux and Adam Kokesh. I’ve made some very compelling cases for liberty but against bad ideas like cryptocurrency and agorism. I was on a nationally syndicated talk radio show called “The Freedom Feens” on 30 stations across the country and one station in the Philippines. And for a brief moment, I was a very minor thought leader in the libertarian movement. A status I destroyed.

How did I destroy it? With The Lolberts Podcast. I’ve made a very clear decision based on my experience with someone who I won’t name and how they handled people leaving their project that I would *never* bash people who left the show and I will maintain that but I am going to loosen it a bit. Not to bad mouth them, but why I thought they were bad choices for me and my brand. That was James Weeks, the guy who stripped on the Libertarian Party stage in 2016, and MK Lords who did fantastic work early in her career but seems to suffer some kind of mental break during her tenure the show. I bought them on as balance to some of the more right-leaning guests on my show and they went too far including an episode that was pulled down in 24 hours after I realized they were making a case for a gyno supremacist nation-state where men are kept in zoos. I wish them the best in life but not politics. I attempted to rebrand as “The NEW Lolberts” but it was too little too late.

The other big L was my overreaction to the sort of alt-right (and by that, I mean explicitly ethnonationalism) movements where I wrongly adopted a lot of very bad positions. Like fighting for homosexual men’s right to donate blood, transgender bathrooms and sports, and very mild feminist takes. I know now that not only was I wrong, it was caustic to humanity.

I had regained a lot of the trust after that but I’m not interested in politics and philosophy anymore. It sucks to consume it willingly while also being forced fed politics through music and movies as well.

So what’s next? Aye Tonal. It’s just about music and some of the weird things that go on in it. Like a satanic ska band, a song that is 24 hours long, a band with a number one record who only had 2-3 stings on their guitars and half of a drum kit. Maybe a classic album review or two.