Jury Harder


Voting is supporting the apparatus of the state. If you vote, you’re sanctioning the violent thugs even if you’re voting for lessening or abolishing state violence. The chances of your vote changing anything is small even in small local elections where your vote has the most impact. You should resist engaging in this state activity because it’s only the illusion of limiting state aggression. It is a waste of an hour of your time. Also, it’s a bad way of convincing people of libertarian ideals.


You should not resist getting on a jury. You have a small chance getting on a jury trial for a non-violent criminal, and even smaller chance of convincing your fellow jurors the beauty of nullification and to nullify because of your libertarian beliefs, and even smaller chance of overturning a law. Sure you’re participating in a state function that could be avoided by simply informing the judge of your genuine belief that the court is illegitimate, but that small chance is worth the days, weeks, or months of time trying.

Pick one.

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I’m here, just on YouTube.

I’ve focused the bulk of my content on YouTube as of late and I plan to do more there. Here are some of the videos I’ve made.
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This site is now under a new copyright licence.

BeastLick1This blog is now covered by a BipCot No-Government licence. The BipCot NoGov License allows any use of software and media EXCEPT by governments. It threatens no “government guns” for violators. It is not copyright-based, it is entirely shame-based.

You can read more at http://bipcot.org/


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When is it OK to Say ‘Nigger?’

10408036_1136986909651748_3162333115961134848_nThere’s been a recent flub regarding Christopher “Paperclip Avenger” Cantwell telling a black Twitter user to “shut up nigger.” His defense was that he’s a social justice warrior who’s not interested in a debate and so he’s responding by playing the SWJ’s name-game. There’s a small minority of people who think this is valid and I’m sure, Dear Reader, you’re not one of them.

Cantwell’s followers are rabid and tribalist as is many of the celebritarian losers on social media and aren’t interested in looking at the other side. It’s #teamcantwell or bust. This post is only attempting to be a better understanding of my position to people who may already agree, those who aren’t in the know, or those who are on the fence.

What is a ‘Social Justice Warrior?’

Social Justice Warrior are the crazy people you see on Tumblr who get their panties in a wad over anything because it’s sexist/racist/abilist/..et al. These people do exist but they are rare and they huddle together in the Tumblr cesspit. They try to motivate campaigns of smear over the most innocent and trivial of comments.

That being said; it’s a good rule of thumb that anyone who is labeled a SWJ is more often than not not. I’ve spent a few minutes flipping though this HeckPhilly’s Twitter before the offending tweets were made. He does talk about racism and sexism, but it’s the more common complaints you hear. He’s not railing against a guy who posted a picture of a pizza he bought to woo a girl for murdering animals for his entitlement of a woman. He’s not railing against racism against otherkins or headmates. I may not agree with some of his tweets (like his stance on capitalism,) but the guy is not a Tumblrista.

He seems like he was interested in having a conversation and it may not have gone well, but calling him a nigger was beyond the pale.


As you noticed I’ve said nigger three times already… no, four. The context I’m using it is the topic of the word itself and reporting on someone’s use. Cantwell on Free Talk Live pointed out that context matters when me mentioned that Mark Edge used it when reporting on the situation on Cantwell. He’s right to an extent. Context matters but context isn’t helping his case.

Cantwell flat out called a black guy who was critical of him a nigger, twice, to invoke a response. He later went on to call Michael Brown’s parents niggers too. He wasn’t responding to someone trying to talk about race or racism, he was talking about Cantwell’s alleged sexism. A claim which I do believe there’s merit. However if he’s saying it to point out this guy was a SWJ, it’s terrible.

People who are very much not SJW would be upset regarding both him using racist and sexist epithets and if his goal was to equate him to being someone Internet Aristocrat rails against, it would have been more prudent to use terms that would offend them. Retard, crazy, human pretending to be a wolf, pizza, …whatever. He didn’t. He used a term that was deliberately disturbing to a vast majority of non-SJWs.

But the Black Guy Used A Racist Slur Against White People!

I’m sorry, I forgot that “inferior white boy” has centuries of oppression attached to it. It’s something that makes everyone gasp any time it’s used. Yea, that’s our word. #irishlivesmatter

Is Cantwell A Racist?

Probably not. He’s just stupid. Really fucking stupid. He won’t apologize because doubling down is how he rolls. He still defends Stefan Molyneux even after personally experiencing him lying about Stef’s “critics always get pushed to the front of the line” on his show. If he’s not sorry, he shouldn’t apologize. Almost nothing is worse than a fake apology. ‘Almost’ because being a retarded meat-head is worse.

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How To Win Political Arguments Against Libertarians

Around the first of this month I decided to abandon my old childish libertarian views because I realized most of us were too stupid to handle real freedom and have been very active in my local chapter of Citizens Against Too Much Unfettered Freedom.  Winning political arguments against libertarians is easy but not many of us state lickers know how to do it and be effective. We tend to try and use court historical perspectives, lopsided statistics, and newspeak to these lolberts to no avail. They always come back with more data or philosophy to counter it and it’s a waste of time. Instead there’s a great method I like to call the “Against Grandma Argument.”

Good o’l Grams

My grandma is a sweet little 84 year old widow and is living on Social Security and the retirement money she gets from her late husband for his service in the Air Force in WW2. She makes out a meager living but it’s good enough for her and she is happy. Now if these anarcho-libertarians got what they wanted she’d be out on the streets with no where to go and no money to eat. She will eventually starve or die if she doesn’t get her heart medication; which ever comes first. They spend so much time trying to dismantle the state and end my poor grandma’s existence. It’s unconscionable and evil.

So now when I get these liberty-loons trying to convert me back using the non-aggression principle I just look them dead in the eye and say “I support your right to disagree with me, but do you think you should force my grandmother to die on the streets?” because that is what they were asking. When libertarians force down a government tit, all those who suckle from it are forced off and little old ladies like my memaw can’t go get a tech job in Silicon Valley. They are using force to take money away from my sweet ol’ granmammy.

What if they say “Yes!”?

Then they are demonstrating they are sociopaths who want nothing but the worse for your family and you should DeCOK them or Disassociate from one’s Clan Or Kin. They want your grandmother dead. Why would you want to hang out with someone who wants your family dead? How could you have someone tell you they want Memaw dead in the streets and then say to them “OK, let’s go play some XBOX.”? My god!


DeCOK Lolberts

So next time you see one of these jerks running around all smug with their facts and philosophy, just look in the eye and ask them if they want to force your grandma to die. If they say yes, get them out of your life and find new friends. Preferably find your new friends at the DNC convention when they nominate Clinton for their candidate.

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Jim Jesus on Nationally Syndicated Radio

UntitledSo I was on the Feens as a co-host twice since I’ve made an update last. You can listen to both here:



I will be on in future episodes and you can subscribe to the podcast via RSS feed or iTunes.

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The Nutella Hype

Before I start this I should preface it by making one thing clear:

Nutella is amazing!nutella_

Nutella is a hazelnut spread that’s delicious. It’s got a creamy, nutty, chocolaty flavor. I’m eating an ‘English’ muffin as I type this being very careful not to get the gooey brown goodness on the keyboard. I keep a jar of it in my pantry most of the time. It’s great and if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you go get a Nutella & Go for a buck and give it a try.


But Nutella isn’t that amazing.

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Migration to WordPress

Some of you noticed the link for CardCast version of Libertarians Against Humanity was broken for a while. I bet you are now noticing that the website is different too. We made the conversion to WordPress and I couldn’t be happier. OK, well I could. Some of the comments are gone and some of the formatting is borked on some posts. I’ll get around to fixing them as I see them.

Everything should be back up now.

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What’s been eating my time?

2 things:

1. I’m running a now-successful IndieGoGo campaign to create a Cards Against Humanity expansion with libertarian jokes called Libertarians Against Humanity. If you want more information, play online for free, or to order real world decks, then go to http://libertariansagainsthumanity.com

2. This blog will be going away at the beginning of next year and coming back on another platform. I absolutly hate Blogger. So I will be moving to private hosting and using WordPress. So until this happens this blog will be on hiatus. I’m going to be super busy fulfilling card orders and migrating all these blog posts to the new server. 

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More Tribalism

Jim Jesus wouldn’t be Jim Jesus if he didn’t talk about tribalism and Jim Jesus hasn’t talked much about it directly as of late.One of the things tribalist antistatists do is automatically assume that I am not an antistatist because I critique fellow antistatists. If you talk negatively of antistatists you can’t possibly be one because you’re not supporting every assclown that preaches it. There’s lots of antistatists talking the good talk and walking the good walk for it and the related issues I don’t feel like I should devote much time doing it. I do it, but I have a bigger objective.

When I look at the other ideologies and see them defending atrocities and atrocious people because they’re on the same team, it makes my stomach turn. It turns people on the outside off to whatever message you’re bringing. When a communist defends North Korea or Stalin, no good comes of it. When a Democrat defends a war in Syria, no good comes of it. When a libertarian defends a destructive cult or tax loophole scams, no good comes of it.

There’s a division of labor not just in the market for labor, but for the market of ideas and I see a huge hole in that market for internal criticism. I’m here to specialize in that. My goal is to encourage my fellow antistatists to stop the nonsense that only harms their own cause.  There’s really great antistatists whom I think do a fantastic job and there’s some I think do a terrible job. If no one is going to tell them they’re doing it wrong, they’ll just keep doing it wrong.

Just because I agree with you ideologically doesn’t mean I’m going to defend you when you do something wrong.

So who are these wonderful antistatists that never fuck up? There are none. We’re all humans and even I say things I look back on with disgust. My only wish was someone there to jab me when I do. However there are some I think do a great job.

The Bad Quaker
Josh Cardosi
Scotty M (He does do stuff with RockingMrE, but what else I’ve seen is great)
BadMouseProductions (UPDATE: He’s now a left anarchist but his old stuff was good)
Shane Killian

If you know of more I’d love to update the list but these are just a few I can think of from the top of my head.

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