MIRROR: TVP ex 1970-1980′s member speaks

This post was originally on the Anticultist blog which was flagged down. Mirroring it here so it’s safe from further retaliation from the TZM/TVP crowd.

I have compiled all these comments made by Euripide Sneed from the Earth 2 blog, where they appeared here and gave us an insight into what it was like being a member during the 1970′s-1980′s, this is for ease of reading. More comments and information may very well arrive, and be added should they feel the inclination.

Welcome to the club. Literally hundreds of people gave their blood, sweat and tears, since the 1960’s, to help make Fresco’s dream possible. Once these followers are parted with their money, their services are no longer required, and they are dumped, and he leaves town. Marxism (by any other name)cannot tolerate spiritual beliefs, because you need to break a few eggs to make an Omelette. Just ask Pol Pot or Fidel Castro. Ask Fresco where the money came from to purchase the Venus Property in the first place. And what happened to the investors who never got their money back. Fresco’s favorite line is “The Venus project IS NOT a DEMOCRACY”. It’s his way or the highway. Imagine if he was in a position of power where he could “really” do some damage! It’s great being an avowed Atheist, morality is “relative” regardless of who is hurt in the process. The rules of morality are made up as you go along. That being said, his reading list is still well worth looking at, artistic drawings have their limitations without foundational information.


New Podcast and The Future of JimJesus.com

The blog will be on indefinite hiatus. Why you ask? Because I like the spoken medium better. I want to focus more on A/V content. I’ve also started a new podcast! So I’m just going to link where you can find me from here on out. Worms! New podcast: The Lolberts YouTube Channel: Jim Jesus/machwon YouTube Read more about New Podcast and The Future of JimJesus.com[…]

Muertos’ blogs on the Desteni Equal Money Cult.

An unknown author who went under the name Muertos wrote a series of blogs about Desteni scam cult. Later he deleted all of his works to persue a more private life away from  the anti-conspiracy circuit. I’m re-hosting here because I think they were important. I need to be clear that I do not agree with the author’s assertion that The Zeitgeist Movement nor The Venus Project is a cult. 

Desteni: A Conspiracy Cult. (UPDATED!)

Shane Killian (shanedk) is a bitch.

This is just a drama dump because I think people really need to see the real ShaneDK and how he handles criticism. When you do catch him being wrong he bans you like a bitch. But that’s only after he gaslights you for days calling you a liar in capslock. If you’re only familiar with his videos then you’re probably only aware of his good side but disagree with him and he goes from a rational calm skeptic to a delusional, irate, childish, shitcock. […]